BBM Staffing agencies offer a Variety of Staffing Solutions that increase Results and decrease Overhead.

Our customizable Staffing Solutions give us a competitive advantage by allowing us to meet each client’s specific needs and requests. Our business Development team will take the necessary time to learn about your business, quality your needs, and develop a solution that improves your business model. We value every client and we place a major emphasis on creating strong working relationships to last for years to come.

Let BBM Staffing take care of all the details:
  • Recruiting
  • Filtering applications
  • Interviewing
  • Drug and Skill testing
  • Verifying references and employment history
  • Performing background checks
We have the best placement Program:
  • Customer Analysis
  • Sourcing
  • Screening
  • Selection
  • Monitor Performance
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Temporary to permanent staffing solutions

Weather it’s a 1 day on indefinite assignment, BBM Staffing provides the most qualified employees in every industry. Temporary employees can be a quick and highly effective solution to common HR problems, such as leaves of absence, short term or seasonal projects and events, workforce reorganizations, and new employee probationary periods.

Direct-Hire Staffing Solutions

We offer a 90 day guarantee during the interim period. If you find the candidate unacceptable, we will recruit at no additional cost.

Payroll Solutions

Build you business without having to worry about being the employer of record. BBM Staffing Agencies will assume the responsibilities of paying employer taxes and insurance, payroll employees, and resolving legal matters. This is a smart choice for businesses going through rapid changes.

Onsite Management

BBM Staffing specialized in On-site management for large customer service centers and manufacturing facilities. With 50 or more temporary employees, BBM Staffing is able to provide at no extra cost, an on-site representative dedicated to servicing our client’s staffing and human resource needs. Time clocks for accurate labor tracking and accounting reports are available upon client request.